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How to Convert HEIC to JPG

  1. Select the HEIC files you want to convert by clicking the "Select heic photos" button.
  2. Wait a few seconds for the conversion to complete.
  3. Download the converted JPG files individually or as a ZIP file.

User Reviews

"I love this tool! I had a bunch of HEIC files from my iPhone that I needed to convert to JPG, and this website did it perfectly." - John Smith

"This HEIC to JPG converter is fantastic! It's quick and easy to use, and the best part is that it's completely free." - Jane Doe


1.How to convert a HEIC to JPG?
To convert a HEIC to JPG, simply upload your HEIC file using the form above, and our HEIC converter will do the rest. The converted JPG file will be available for download.
2.How to convert HEIC to JPG on Windows?
Our online converter works on all platforms, including Windows,iphone,macOS,Linux. Just upload your HEIC file, and you'll get a JPG file in seconds.
3.Why is our HEIC to JPG converter safe?
Our HEIC to JPG converter is safe because we do not save any of your data. All files are deleted from our server after the conversion is complete.
4.Is the HEIC to JPG converter free?
Yes, our HEIC to JPG converter is completely free. You can convert as many HEIC files to JPG as you need without any charges.
5.Can I convert multiple HEIC files to JPG at once?
Yes, you can upload multiple HEIC files and convert them to JPG at the same time. The converted files will be available for individual download or as a single ZIP file.
6.What is a HEIC file?
A HEIC file is a High Efficiency Image Format file used by Apple devices. It's a more efficient way of storing images, but not all devices support this format. Converting HEIC to JPG makes your images compatible with more devices.
7.What is the difference between HEIC and JPG?
HEIC is a modern image format that offers better compression and quality compared to JPG. However, JPG is more universally supported. Converting HEIC to JPG ensures compatibility across all devices and platforms.


Why Convert HEIC to JPG?

As the popularity of Apple devices continues to rise, so does the usage of the HEIC format for photos. While HEIC offers numerous benefits, there are times when converting HEIC to JPG becomes necessary.

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How to Batch Convert HEIC to JPG Efficiently

With the increasing number of photos taken on Apple devices, many users find themselves needing to convert multiple HEIC files to JPG. In this article, we will explore efficient methods to batch convert HEIC to JPG, saving you time and effort.

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