4 Best Websites to help you convert HEIC format to JPG / PNG

Starting with iOS 11, Apple has officially supported the addition of HEIC image format (HEIV for video), with this format, the HEIC image size will be reduced by 50% compared to other formats and image quality does not change. However, this is a new image format, so there are very few applications, the software can read this file and cause many difficulties when users open and convert this file on devices that are not devices of Apple, especially Windows computers. Here are the 4 best websites to help you convert HEIC format to JPG / PNG or even PDF extremely quickly and effectively.

1. Conversion-Tool

Conversion-Tool is a service that allows users to convert files online with many file formats from the text, images, audio to video extremely effectively. In which the HEIC format is also one of the preferred conversion features to switch back and forth.

At the main interface of the website: https://www.conversion-tool.com/ click to the Converter menu -> Image Tools -> Convert HEIC / HEIF images to JPG.

The Convert HEIC / HEIF images to JPG interface appears, please select your image by the following methods:

Select the file in the Local file section to get photos on the device currently in use
Paste the image URL on the web into the Remote URL.
Select photos saved on Dropbox, OneDrive.

After selecting the image, click Start conversion to service the file conversion process. When the system is complete, you can save photos to your device by selecting (Download 1, Download 2) or saving to cloud services (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive) or by QR code shown below.

2. Heic2jpeg.com

Visit website: https://heic2jpeg.com/en/

At the main interface, you can choose different languages. This online converter will help users convert up to 20 image files at once from HEIC format to JPEG, JPG, PNG. Unlike other services, this tool does not require your email address, allows batch conversion and file size up to 50MB, especially HEIC to JPEG also supports image compression.

Before uploading photos to convert you can customize the desired image quality to minimize image file size.

In the main interface, click Upload file or you can select the converted image file by drag and drop method. After uploading the file, we can download the JPG image to your computer after few minutes. The converted files on the service will automatically be discarded from the server after 1 hour.

3. Aconvert.com

Access Aconvert free photo conversion service under the link: https://www.aconvert.com/

The Aconvert service allows you to convert HEIC images into 17 formats such as BMP, DPX, PDF, PSD, WebP, etc. Aconvert.com is an extension of PDFConvertOnline.com, Aconvert.com can also convert all types of documents, ebooks, images, icons, videos, audio, and files online for free. The A in Aconvert means everything will help users convert all different file formats.

At the main interface, you scroll down to see Online Converter and click Add file to select the file to start converting or drag and drop images into the Drag files here section each time we can select up to 6 files and Maximum file size is 24 MB.

After selecting the item in the Target below allows us to select the file format to convert to PNG or JPG and click Coverter Now to make the conversion.

Soon, depending on the size of the converted file, we will have to wait for a different time period. Image after conversion will appear in the Conversion Results section so you can download it.

4. Converter.asimkt.com

This conversion service has a quite simple interface that allows users to convert images from HEIC to JPEP and vice versa extremely easily.

At the main interface of Convert HEIC TO JPEG: https://converter.asimkt.com/ please select Select a file or drag and drop to the interface to upload then click Converter to make the conversion.

Immediately after the image conversion will appear you can use the image saving function of the browser (Save image as) to download to your computer.

Above are some websites that help convert HEIC files online very simply and conveniently. Hopefully, this guide will help you make the right choices for your needs.

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